You know who I am, and you know why you’re here. I’m nothing like those other whores who do sissy girl training. I was named for the King, so it’s only fitting I am the Queen. I rule over those other sissy trainer bitches, and now I rule over you, too. Your body, your mind, your soul; pledge your fealty to one as radiantly masterful as me. I will instruct you perfectly in how to be a flawless Royal prissy sissy Princess. This is more than pantyhose and lace, pretty sissy girl. We will go beyond how to please huge kingly cocks.
Your upkeep will be my main focus, always as you will service only me. I will educate you in the best mannerisms for a sissy femboy Duchess in your forced feminization. I own you now, and you’ll do as I say. Or it will be off with your head, and I don’t mean the one on your shoulders. As my personal slave and handmaiden, I expect the best behavior no matter how horny you get in your chastity. You will hold your piss until I say you may be excused. Don’t you dare have an accident in the Court, beloved, or you’ll see that Snow White wasn’t the only princess who knew an evil Queen. The torment I can, and will, put you through is unimaginable. If you end up in my dungeon, my little girl will never see the light of day again. Only never ending torment. Is that what you want?
My new little love needs some femboy training, don’t you? At night, you can watch me Queen my bed, and play cum into my castle with the fat cocks that fill me up. I don’t keep a King to warm my bed, baby. His cock was too small, so he was my first prissy sissy Princess I ever made! You can watch me take huge pricks, and clean out my sweet Queenly cunt of all his juicy cum when he’s done, if you’re a good girl. If you really please me, I’ll let you take a thick load in that rosebud asshole of yours, or I’ll take that silly sissy clit out, and stroke it a bit. But, don’t you think about cumming. Every last drop, every orgasm, now belongs to Queen Presley.
Get me in a giving mood, and maybe you’ll experience some pleasure before this time next year. Welcome to my chastity castle, sissy girl. It’s the closest to Heaven that you’ll ever see, and as sweet and sultry as hell. And if you know what’s good for you, you’ll serve me without complaint as I turn you into the girliest royal sissy you’ve ever seen.


    • Roxxy on August 16, 2021 at 9:02 am
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    I’m not sure if you are right for me. I need someone to really get me under

  1. I need cock now I’m waiting for you to come over and play with me

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