Your Mistress Punishment

best sissy trainerYou are always trying to get yourself in trouble, aren’t you!? With your small cock and pretty princess skirt, you are just begging for it. I want you to remember this punishment the next time you think you can just cum without permission from your mistress. Get onto your knees, bend over and start sucking on the twelve-inch, punishing strap-on! There get it nice and wet, dripping! I want it dripping in your spit to be ready to have it shoved into your ass hole! Such a fucking sissy bitch aren’t you? You deserve to be treated like the dirt under my shoe! You don’t deserve to ever be touched by a hot slut again because here, now you are the dirty little whore!

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    • Emery on April 27, 2022 at 11:44 am
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    Thank you for shaming my tiny cock last night. I was so humiliated by you, Mistress.

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