I’m a BBC Sissy Trainer Where Ever I Go

bbc sissy trainerThere is never a dull moment when you are a BBC sissy trainer. I got stuck out of town. I was in another state for a wedding when traveling suddenly became difficult. My plan was to rent a car instead of flying. I had to wait two days for a car to become available. I was in a nice hotel, so I thought I would make the best of it. I went to the hotel bar and met some fellow stranded folks. Charlie was not fuck material. Demure man. Feminine characteristics. Talked like a sissy too. When he asked me to dance in this girly pitched voice, I laughed. I joked that he would probably prefer to suck on a big black cock. He got ashen white. “How did you know,” he asked incredulously. I told him I was a sissy mom and a sissy trainer. I have an innate ability to spot a sissy a mile awhile. Charlie and I talked over drinks. He really wanted a big black cock, so I got him one. When you look like me, finding a black stud is never difficult.  This time, I just had to look around the room. I saw a handsome stud and he locked eyes with me. He was in my room an hour later and so was Charlie. I let Charlie watch first. Like many sissies, he had only seen big black dicks on the Internet. I was there to give him the real thing; I was there to turn Charlie into a black cock faggot. He was chomping at the bit. He had a hard clitty. He was wearing panties. My black stud thought it was funny that I had a little faggot boy watching. He didn’t mind. When I told him, I wanted him to skull fuck the little faggot, he didn’t skip a beat. He pulled his cock out of my cunt and shoved it in Charlie’s mouth. That would be as close as Charlie would ever get to my pussy. Charlie was in heaven sucking my cunt juice off his first black cock. He was a natural. Sadly, I likely won’t see Charlie again because he doesn’t live near me, but at least I gave him a memory he will never forget.

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