Lily’s Big Debut

Sissy trainingThe men gathered together waiting for Lily and I to come down the stairs. I spent over an hour getting Lily ready, I even put her chastity cage on her clitty for her to ensure it was done right. I surprised her with a blonde wig I bought just for her. Tonight she wasn’t going to just have her first cock, she was going to have as much cock as she could manage to take. By the time I was done with her, she was stunning a completely new person then that man I had known from work. Escorting her down the stairs almost made me feel like I was giving away a bride at a wedding, though instead, I was giving her off to be fucked for the first time like a woman. The three guys I selected would be gentle with my delicate flower, but their cocks will leave her aching. I watched as they gently touched her all over, kissing her and easing her down to her knees. Their cock’s hard and ready for those pink full lips to taste a real cock for the first time. Never once did she look back at me or try to back out. The moment she put the first cock in her mouth I knew Lily was all in and wasn’t going back ever again.

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