I needed to remind my sissy about all her Sissy maid training she needs

I needed to show my old sissy bitch who was in charge she had not come over for a while and she was overdue for some Sissy maid training. As soon as she came in, I got her on her knees. My shoes all needed cleaning and I wanted her to use her tongue. She did so good and cleaned every pair, she just needed to clean the ones on my feet. When she opened her mouth, I shoved my heel down her throat making her choke like a sissy bitch does on a dick. I told my sissy bitch to suck it like she was trying to get a nut out and that is what she did to my heels. When they were clean, I bent my sissy over my knee and gave her some hard spankings with my paddle. She thanked me and begged me for more. I liked hearing her beg it told me she knew what she was missing. I stood up and told her to bend over as I was putting my biggest strap-on on. i knew my sissy could hear what i was doing and I saw her clitty twitch in her panties. I moved her Sissy panties to the side and rammed my cock deep in my sissy bitch’s pussy. I fucked her hard and raw making sure I was going to leave this sissy slut sore. When I was done, I saw all the gooey mess on the ground from my sissy enjoying the pounding I gave her. I made sure the cum mess from her sissy clit was cleaned up before I sent her home.

sissy maid training

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