A different type of Forced feminization

Forced feminizationA different type of Forced feminization for Shelby the sissy. A little back story is in order for this one. When Sissy was young his father remarried a dominant woman. Shelby’s step mother was quick to see the feminine qualities. She was also keeping tabs on her panty hose. Because she just has a feeling that Shelby was stealing wearing his stepmother’s panty-hose.

My favorite exciting story is when she said she’ll be up with a nice pair of pantyhose she left laying out. Step mommy pretends to leave the house. I cant believe she waited to the exact moment she knew she would catch sissy Shelby in her pantyhose. Talk about embarrassed! Oh, poor Shelby was busted in the act!! There’s something about the step mommy that I found incredibly sexy.

She said guidelines for this feminine boy who was a sissy from birth to wear her pantyhose discreetly. He wasn’t jacking off in them yet and she knew his father was a harsh conservative man. So she let him sneak all through his growing up with her panties and pantyhose. The rules would change as he got older and Shelby would become a man who secretly wore pantyhose at his stepmother’s house no matter what woman he dated.
Things changed when Shelby got married and the step mother forced a woman on him that she saw the dominance laying dormant in. And now after years of hiding the pantyhose fetish Shelby’s wife and his stepmother are both fighting over his feminine ass.
Things recently have gotten so out of control that Shelby now has a black boyfriend he shares with his wife. The boyfriend who is extremely generous and doting is also sprung over Shelby!
There’s so much more layers to my BBC sissy trainer stories. 
I’m sure everyone will hear more Sissy becomes a 24/7 sissy maid pulled between his step mommy, wife and BBC! Stay tuned my sissy freaks! Sissy Shelby has been in panty hose since he was a boy. Thank you sexy step mom. So many stories going back on a sissy from birth.

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