I go overboard as a BBC sissy trainer for fun!

BBC sissy trainerThe collar clipped around his neck, the leash pressed into my hand, and my vibrator perfectly set up inside of me. I was ready to get on with my BBC sissy trainer ways. I’d started something so fun it had me giggling all night the night before just thinking about it. “Let’s go for a walk.” I said, and I saw fear in his eyes. I’d done this many times before in the house, but he definitely wasn’t ready to be brought out in public. I didn’t care about things like his shame, I had fun to have, and I knew he’d be a pansy no matter what I did. That’s kind of what a sissy is, a man who’s inner girl had taken over and caused him to crumble. A trainer like me was something much greater, so he’d do what I said, and he knew it before he even complained – which is why he didn’t, he just accepted the humiliation phone sex coming his way.. Instead he started crawling towards the door. I took great glee in opening it for him, and walking him out onto the city streets. My pussy was dripping down my leg, and he was so nervous it made me practically skip. I’d gone and done something so sexy I couldn’t control myself. I sat on his back, rubbed myself into him a little, and ordered him to keep going. He was a tougher sissy, one that could handle me like that at least a little, but you know what they say, the tougher they are the less mercy I give. He was an excuse to go overboard, he always was, and now he was crawling down the sidewalk while my juices wet his back, and people stared at him like he was insane. To be fair he had become my slave, to most people that would in fact be losing his mind. To me, it seemed like righteous obedience and sissy training success.

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