Sissy Phone Training with My Daughter because Two Trainers are Better than One

sissy phoneSissy phone training is extremely popular. The reality is that it is difficult to find sissy trainers you can trust. There are catfishers and scammers left and right nowadays.  Add that in with the fact that sissies are afraid of being blackmailed or otherwise outed, most men prefer phone training. I am training my daughter to be a sissy trainer. She starts college in the fall and needs a side hustle. I started as a dominatrix in college. That was right before the Internet was even a thing. And in those early years none of us knew how to find porn or taboo sites. Now, any website is just a hop skip and a jump from a porn site, phone sex included. My daughter can do sissy phone sex from her dorm room and study in between calls. I am a mature sissy trainer, but I know men love a bratty findom girl too. I have been letting her listen in on my part of my sissy calls. She struggles not to giggle in the background. She is often in disbelief over what some pathetic losers will pay for. It is easy money for a girl like her. I can guarantee you that most of her friends will be babysitting unruly brats or making fancy lattes in a coffee house for a fraction of what she could earn. I have recently had her helping me with some real time sissies. My daughter is my mini me. I raised her to know her self-worth. She will never fuck a loser with a small clitty. She will never date a sissy either. She deserves a real man, just like I do. Together though we make an awesome sissy training combo. She is the bratty one good with hair and makeup. She can laugh all day at tiny pee pees too. I am the nurturing one who is great at disciplining and setting boundaries and tasks for sissies. She is not a sissy trainer for the phone yet, but hopefully she will be soon. Like mother, like daughter. In the meantime, you can get two hot sissy trainers for 2 girl calls.

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