I Enjoy Sissy Humiliation Training

sissy humiliation training

I love sissy humiliation training calls. There are so many pathetic sissies who call me. Some are so pathetic that I enjoy being mean. Normally, I am a more of a sensual domme, a sort of nurturing sissy mom.  I have trained and dominated many men in my life, but I talked to the queen of the sissies this week. I have no problem telling you about some of her pathetic antics and why she is the queen of sissies. I love a sissy who has her clothes hand made for her, which this sissy does. Etsy has many sellers who make tailored sissy outfits. Sissy clothing is not cheap, so it is a sign of true dedication to the lifestyle. This sissy sent me pictures in all her frilly dresses made just for her. She looked so regal. While we were on the phone, however, this sissy made a mess in her frilly panties like a bad little girl. She giggled and showed no shame. I do not talk to many poopy princesses, but when I do, I shame that sissy for being so pathetic she poops her sissy panties. A sissy trainer must shame and punish any sissy who cannot do her business in the toilet. After a good dose of humiliation, this sissy tells me she makes public messes and sits in her own waste exposing others to her toxic smell. If one of my real-time sissies made a nasty stinky mess like that, or one of my callers sent me a photo of them in a poopy diaper, I would take pictures or share pictures on our social media sites. We have Snapchat and Twitter accounts perfect for publicly shaming nasty sissies.

If I am your sissy trainer, I will take control of your everyday life, even your bathroom time. I own my sissies for life. My sissies will obey and serve me however I deem fit, even if that means sucking stranger’s cocks and dressing in public. Sissies will seek my permission to do anything and everything. I have both phone sissies and real time sissies, so do not think for a moment that if you call me, I do not know what I am doing. I will dress you up and have you exposing yourself the next day.


    • Greg on August 13, 2021 at 5:17 am
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    I love hot mommy sissy trainers!

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