Mistress Marissa’s Your Queen

Best sissy trainer

Oh, what a good sissy you’ve been! But, I find it funny that you think you deserve a reward from me only just for being good? It’s like what a parent says, baby! Yure supposed to be good all of the time and be extraordinary if you really want a reward for something! you need to do something special for me, can you do that? Starts by stripping down and showing me that worthless cock so I can tease you and laugh at it! Now bend over and take any cock that I give you! You didn’t get a warning or even told what size cock it is, you just have to take it! Now, scream for all of us little faggot! Let us hear you.

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    • Clark on June 23, 2022 at 1:18 pm
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    That is the tightest ass I have ever seen. Think mine could look like that?

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