Forced sissy training Zoey Trains Bitch Brandi

forced sissy training

 Forced sissy training with Mistress Zoey is not always needed. Sometimes a Sissy is so perfect that they complete me and come already packaged as A slut. Such as Miss Brandi. Have you heard about her? Her best friend’s wife is blackmailing Brandi because the little sissy slut couldn’t keep herself out of the Wife’s panty drawer. Yep, busted bigger than shit. The best friend’s wife has Brandi locked in a vagina cage and is withholding the key. I know how this goes when women find a true sissy in their lives. The domination will only snowball until Brandi is sucking cock. 

Forced sissy training Zoey Trains Bitch Brandi

But Brandi is really secretly happy to be able to play with a woman who knows chastity. Sissy training Audio

Blackmailing is very hot, especially when your life is on the line. Personally, I love when a sissy slut is exposed. But for now, I love showing off my sissy in hopes that someone will see her and recognize her body. So for your sissy enjoyment and the world wide web, searchable pictures will be added here. 

Now you must understand that during our sissy training, Audio is a cum eating faggot bitch. Wearing pretty sexy slutty outfits and fucking her ass pussy for me is our normal. I love making that bitch Brandi bounce on her fake cocks. I hope one day she gets to taste cock cream and become a good glory hole bitch. And I hope she can get her ass opened up on that best friend’s wife’s thick strap-on soon. I know My dicks hard just thinking about my sexy sissy slut Brandi.

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