Paris vacay

sissy phone sex

I am the queen of sissy phone sex. I have a sissy that loves to watch me have sex with my boyfriend.  All I have to do is send him videos and pictures of me pleasing a real man.

He is obsessed with the content because my boyfriend is packing a big one. This sissy pays top dollar just to watch me get fucked. Oh my, I do love the money that comes with it, and I love to degrade him and tell him he’s not a real man and that he should watch as my man, a real king, gets to fucks me.

Shopping with that money is always fun because it’s easy to acquire. There’s nothing like spending money that comes easily because it always comes back. The more I spend, the more I get. It is pretty fun being me. Heck, it’s expensive to be me but it’s a blast. You know I get everything I want and so much more.

My special obsessed sissy ended up giving me a good amount of money to watch me suck my boyfriend’s cock and to even pay extra for a vile of his jizz. So I collected the jizz just enough to fit in a small base. I even puckered up and left my lipstick stained on the glass.

I made his year, and he even sent me extra so my friends and I could enjoy a Paris trip. I guess it makes him feel like a total loser, but that’s what makes him want to serve me. Boy, do I drain that sissies account, and I love it.

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