Forced Sissy Training Will Turn Your Clitty Into A Waterhose!

Forced sissy training

You know what I love more than anything in the world, online sissy training. It is so fucking hot, and I love every minute of it. Forcing a grown man to submit to you and beg for that pretty, pretty, pink dress with a bow on it is all worth the wait. It is so satisfying to get a man who love dressing up and knee highs and heels as much as I do, it’s so refreshing!

Seeing a grown man in one of my princess dresses getting all dolled up is so sweet I can’t express how much I truly enjoy my job! Not to mention all the pussy popping fun we have! Taking these men out to have their pussies broken in by a big strong bull is all the more fun! I love to see a strong, built, rock-hard man at work, pounding that pussy until my ladies scream and squirt.

Watching as they work their rock-hard dicks into those tight little holes makes my pussy drip. So, I have a little more fun by pleasuring myself while watching you get fucked. It’s a win-win situation. We both get to cum ion the end, and cum hard we do! We fuck just as hard as we play and that’s really saying something.

My pussy is just as soaked and cum-filled as yours by the time we are all done. So, lets make it even more interesting with me sitting on your face, why the hell not? It’s so much fun making you my princess!

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