Sissy Becomes Sex Slave of Wrestling Team

Sissy slave trainingDid you have fun with the college wrestling team? I bet they had fun with you too. I learned that they won an important match and wanted to celebrate. I suggested to the coach that they should use some of their wrestling moves on you while they fuck you. You didn’t really think I sent you there to be a water girl, did you? Those strong men must have had fun with having their way with you. I bet they pinned you down and you had no choice but to give each and every one of those men head. You were the hired cock slut so you had better sucked those guys up like a vacuum. I bet they fucked the shit out of you too. Those guys don’t have any mercy. They fucked your tight hole until they stretched out permanently? Well, now no cock will ever be able to fit inside of you. You will have to be their sissy slave forever.

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