Forced sissy training is not needed when you were born a sissy

I don’t have to do any Forced Sissy training because you want me to use you and fuck you hard. You want me to use your holes to weaken you and make you into the whore you are supposed to be. You have been waiting many years to be able to dress up in a sexy slut outfit and heels. You like knowing I will use you  to clean my cummy cunt all up. Your tongue will be used to clean any mess I want. When I have my BBC friends over and I command you to milk them you will. That is all you are made for. I will make sure your Sissy panties are moved to the side and your tight little hole gets used to milk a big black cock, that is always part of your training. You love it, it is what you have been needing all your life and now you don’t care to be put in the place you belong. That is being my bitch who cleans up my cummy messes and milks any cock I want.

Forced sissy training

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