Best sissy trainer Goddess Genesis

Best sissy trainer

Genesis is the Best sissy trainer on this site. She knows how to dominate and make sissy bitch boys out of the ladies that frequent this site. So many pathetic sissy brats grow into self obsessed unsatisfied pussies. Pussies like that must be guided into submission. Some don’t have the space within their egos to handle the truth. Yet others can tell from early on that there was no competition. Women way out weighed what they were doing with their lives or what they ever could do. The most pleasure they would get would be through seeking the ability to please a glorious Goddess like myself.  

It’s so easy to get these bitch boys into Forced feminization for cocks that can actually please me. BBC is all that can contain my cunt. The thrilling pump of rock hard black cock pumping my cunt. And you can be the bitch to warm that cock up for my cunt. If your really amazing I will begin sissy humiliation training and allow you to eat the cum from my cunt when he is done. 

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