Forced sissy training for an undercover bitch that makes me giggle

I love an undercover sissy bitch that needs some Forced sissy training. The way you pretend to be straight for your wife makes me laugh and giggle. I know your secret; you want to be fucked. You pretend you don’t, but I can hear it when you talk, and I see it when you walk. You are a feminine bitch that needs to be used and trained and fucked. I instruct you to get on your knees and suck my toes. As you suck all my toes, I can tell you are thinking about a cock in your mouth. That is why I make you wear a special pair of panties with a hole right where your sissy pussy is. I will teach you to never hide your sissy bitch ways, I will train you to milk a cock and be used like a good whore. While I give you instructions to bend down as you watch me put my strap cock on, you know I am getting ready to fuck and you cream your Sissy panties. That makes me laugh and it gets me ready to abuse you. That is where I get my pleasure knowing you need to be trained and your clitty creams at the thought of being used by a big cock.

Forced sissy training

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