Sissies Get Used By Prisoners

Online sissy trainingI got a call from a friend saying that he’d pay me a bunch of money if I could lend him my sissy sluts for the day. I asked him what the job was and he told me he is a warden at a prison where the guys hadn’t had the touch of a woman in ages. Since I would not be caught dead in a men’s prison, he knew that my whores would love to have their holes ruined by them. I got a few of my sexiest, sluttiest and most eager whores and let them loose on the prison. Once they opened the cells in the morning, the cum whores could not escape their clutches. Cock after cock was shoved into every one of their holes. They barely had time to breathe before another cock was shoved into their throats. They loved getting abused by those prisoners, and the prisoners enjoyed fucking them so much they asked to use them again. Once my sluts can walk again (They got fucked so hard they can’t use their legs), they will be ready to take them on.

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