Forced Sissy Training, Did you really think you had a choice?

Forced Sissy TrainingForced Sissy Training with hot little Trainer Bailee. Why don’t you be a good little slut, and go grab your favorite pair of panties while you get ready to come and have your whole world turned upside down? I want you dressed in your prettiest outfit with all of your favorite toys before you pick up the phone to call me and have some fun with me!

You see, I really get into playing with my dirty little sissy sluts. There’s really nothing better than being on the phone with a sissy and hearing them gagging on a massive toy! The sounds of a gagging whimpering slut just fuel my soul, making my pussy just drip with the need to torment them more!  Come choke for me like the little slut you are! Let’s play together and see just how far we can take this!

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