Forced feminization wasn’t necessary for my brother Chloe

Forced feminizationMy brother and I used to play dress-up when we were younger. He would do my makeup and also Try-On my shoes. He loved wearing white if not white then PINK; for Sissy panties and bows… duh, His high heels had to be platform and punk rock with cool designs.. We would skip school together and go to Fashion show exhibits at the Museum Of Fine Arts in Boston MA, and admire the beautiful Paris collections.. Dad; never knew his son was a sissy because my Gay brother could fix cars, he was a mechanic. Which was why we chose to skip class because it was the only time he was ever able to be himself.. Godly make-up, sharp lipstick’  with fully contoured faces; him and I would take on the day. No need for Forced feminization Chloe was down to play.

He would wear these Pleaser leather boots that lace up/no-zipper platform, glossy vinyl and NOT only that the 4 inch platform was Ombre; haute red into black.. He loved flair schoolgirl skirts and net stockings with rhinestones. Complete Glitz and glamor’! We would shop at this store called; Beauty World. They had sooo many wigs, styles, textures and colors; it was heaven for him. We were like the Hard Rock Cafe Punk Goth Barbie Dolls; YES we were that deep into fashion! My faggot brother finally came out the closet to dad.. I convinced him; that’s what makes me the Best sissy trainer xD 

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