Mistress Arabella Forces you to humiliate your sissy ass!

Humiliation phone sex

Arabella Makes You Put On A Show 

Making you a little cock sucking whore is fun of course, but I want something a little different. Some true Humiliation phone sex. I can be a bit sadistic if you did not know that. 

Normally, I like to really feminize you. Making you look as much like a girl as fucking possible. Today I am leaving your body and face just the way it is. What we are changing however is I am going to put you in a skimpy skirt and tube top. Putting a blonde wig on you to finish the look. 

However, this is not enough. I am going to attach a sign to you that says I am a sissy slut, and you can cum anywhere you want on me for just twenty bucks. Now, we are going to leave the house on foot. I want all your neighbors to see you. Look at you and laugh. We are going to walk for miles and you are going to greet every single person you encounter. 

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