Forced feminization isn’t necessary when you are persuasive.

Forced feminizationThis is my work.. I persuaded Lucky sissy into being a feminized sissy faggot. Forced feminization isn’t necessary when you know how to be persuasive. Now he shops strictly at sex stores for sexy outfits and dresses like a sleazy slut. Isn’t she sexy? <— You read that right_ Do you think he no longer deserves to self identify as a male? ehh, I don’t think he should be able to… especially, after watching him strut in 2 different sets of heels… and surprisingly he was able to walk in the stilettos pretty well.. In my personal opinion I think he strutted best in the 5 inch heels rather than his wedges… Look at the sexy Sissy panties and Lacy mesh garter set he paired together all by himself..

Lucky, was so excited to show me his new unicorn tail… He had a cute butt plug tucked in his mangina and was grinding on it until his jelly bean squirted. She looks so fucking hot, doesn’t she? Looks like you sissies out there; have some serious competition.. I have not seen not one of you outdo; LUCKY SISSY yet. mm, sorry slut but I have to tell them about the other night.. Him and Mallory had some guy come over that they met on Grindr .. The fem bitch got his face fucked and the entire time was hoping the boy would bend him over and have no mercy on his man pussy. If I could post videos, I would totally post the part where he confesses and starts squirting and moaning like a Faggot slut. Lucky sissy sure is lucky because I can’t! Stanley enjoyed our Online sissy training session live on my OnlyFans the other day.. hehe, He said he drove by your place¬† the other night LOL — Hope you don’t run into him Luckyy.

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