Forced Feminization for Pantyhose Closet Sissy Joseph(ine)

Forced feminization is what Joseph had in store for him. His secret was leaked to his wife. Joseph liked to dress in pantyhose and lingerie. His Aunt caught him when he was younger. He was dressing in her pantyhose and slips.

Needless to say she had him dress up and clean her house. She made him into her sissy maid in his younger years. She bought him pantyhose. Aunty made Joseph her bitch and it was a secret.

That is until J got the urge again. That urge to feel pantyhose on his pecker and shave his legs. Wifey caught him jerking in his cum filled pantyhose sniffing her heels.

He was watching cock sucking porn of BBC. Wifey got the clue in from his Aunt and came home early to catch him.

So, J’s wife and aunt teamed up on him. His man clothes taken away and all girly stuff left for him. Joseph is now Josephine and a sexy little cum dump for his wifes BBC Boss and his friends.

Mistress Addilyn was here to reassure him that this was what he was meant to be. A sexy sissy in pantyhose for BBC.

Forced feminization

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