Best sissy trainer won’t let you waste time

The Best sissy trainer knows when you are not ready to be a sissy. You must listen to directions and take your training seriously. If you waste my time, when you finally decide to come to me you will be punished. I will use my sexy boots to stomp on that pathetic clit you call a dick. From now on you will call it your little clitty. You are lucky a goddess like me even gives you a chance to be trained. I pick your sissy outfit and once you are changed, I get you on your knees. You will beg for mistress Gypsy to let you be worthy of her training.

Best sissy trainer

After some begging I agreed to let you make it up for wasting my time. You must lick my cunt clean, i had a fun bbc fucking session before you got here. My cunt was full of thick jizz and you are the perfect cum tool to clean me up. Mistress can see that you love thick yummy semen and if you do well with your Sissy slave training I will reward you with a big black cock.

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