Forced feminization for all the Sissy Sluts!

Forced feminization


Forced feminization Is fun for everyone involved most of all Mistress K! I can hear the fear and excitement in your voice as you tremble as look up at me. You know whats in store for you next huh? Thats right my little sissy slut Ill make a proper whore out of you yet. More than you’ve ever thought before. 

It may see a bit intimidating at first I am a beautiful Goddess. As your Goddess It is my honor and duty to break you down and mold you in to the Perfect little sissy just for me! There is nothing in this world I enjoy more then sissy training a little turd of a man like you so you can be come a whore for me to humiliate.

Don’t think your weakness as a hinderance! Oh No its what makes you powerful to be submissive and used. To bow to your superior Goddess Mistress K. It will take some time for your transformation to be complete. Give me a call so we can start the process. You will be my favorite Sissy Slut yet! 

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