Sensual Domination is what I give to Pretty and sweet sissy bois

Domination phone sexSensual Domination phone sex starts with a nice guy who is into panties and a strong women.  Once you know you have me all to yourself, I will start worming my way into your brain. I need to know what makes my sexy subby boi hot, don’t I? I always want to know what you are wearing, or not wearing. How are you prepared to interact with your Mistress today? Is there a toy that you enjoy? A phallic food item or Something handy lying around. I have a slutty boy who uses English cucumbers with condoms and then tosses the evidence.

I do hope you’re a lucky ducky and can have at least a couple of things hidden away for our play. And if you want to go all-natural, fingers and palm work just as fine. Just ask my sexy girlfriends. Our mouths and fingers get us off Just fine when we are going through a dry spell. 

Domination phone sex sensual Mistress loves pretty bois.

Online sissy training has many levels and I know you might not want to be humiliated until you have a crying orgasm. But hey if you do, I won’t be mad about it! Need me to dress you up in your favorite designs and materials?  Want my hot body holding you down as I wiggle you out of those cute little thongs and just use you? Not all my sissy are ” ill-equipped” to handle me, if you know what I mean.

Don’t be put off by my extreme sissy bois, They need me just as much as a man who needs a woman with a controlling hand! In the end, how we go about our Phone domination Is up to you!

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