Tammie gets a Treat

Sissy TrainingMy sweet little Tammie has been such a good girl lately. Doing everything that was asked of her. She had been our little cum whore at my last penis party and even licked up my creampie pussy without even being asked. She stayed on her little knees and sucked every man and shemale that came to her so that they were nice and hard and ready to go. She politely lifted her sweet ass and let them take turns ramming their dicks or dildos deep inside her. She cleaned everyone up too, leaving not a drop. So, to show her how wonderful I though she had been I got her a special present. Laid on the bed was the prettiest pink dress and matching garters, a pair of silky hose, black heels, toe rings and a beautiful new cock cage. Her eyes lit up when she saw them, and I told her to put them all on. I had her twirl round and round as she showed her new outfit off. Finally, I told her to lay down on the bed because her best present was yet to come. I could see the liquid dripping from her sweet cock cage from excitement as Sandy, the biggest, blackest, most beautiful shemale entered the room. I handed Sandy the key and told her that Tammie was ready to play as I winked at her and closed the door.

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