Sissy phone chat with Miss Remi

sissy phone chat

My favorite sissy phone chat slut hit me up the other night and told me a story that made my pussy wet instantly! I can’t stop thinking about her on her knees, getting those sexy nylons soaked in drips of cum while 6 guys were taking turns using her. She ran to a shady part of town to grab some party powder and ended up being used as a trap house, gangbang bitch! By the time she hit me up, it was first thing in the morning and her pussy was worn out and destroyed from those massive bbcs. I took it easy on her this time and didn’t make her ride her thick 12 inch dildo while we chatted. I knew that her whore pussy couldn’t handle anymore but I was playing with my cunnie the whole time we talked. I just couldn’t stop fantasizing about coming over and being lucky number 7 that got to pull her panties to the side and pump her perfect pussy! It’s still all I can think about! I can’t wait to have fun with my slut again!


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