Femboy Training with Me Takes You From Man to Girl

femoboy trainingI love femboy training. It is getting colder weather, so I cannot dress my sissies in as revealing clothes, but I can make them look perfect for sweater weather season. I have this one sissy who wants to be a trans girl like my twin sons. I have been working with her all summer. Her hair is now long and thick. She has some little boobies budding. Her body is softer and curvier. I waxed all the hair from her body too, even waxed her cockette. And with me doing her makeup and clothes, she was ready for her big debut as a trans girl. She wanted to see if she could pass in a normal setting, so we went to a Pumpkin Patch first. I had her in tight jeans, and a cute sweater. Put her in an old padded bra of mine to give her more curves. We just mingled with people at the pumpkin patch. My boys were with us. They were dressed too in their cute fall outfits.  The pumpkin patch was fun, but not how we wanted to end the night. I took my boys back home, and my trans sissy gurl and I went to a glory hole to practice her cock sucking skills. I am the best sissy trainer for trans girls. I can not only help them look like a girl, but I can also help them fuck like a girl. This glory hole I frequent is perfect for sissies to get some cock sucking experience. After she swallowed a bout a gallon of jizz, she wanted to pop her pussy cherry. Her sweet little backdoor cherry was ready too. I knocked on the wall, and over came a big burly man. He put my sissy on all fours, yanked her jeans off and fucked her from behind. I do not think he had any clue he was fucking a pretty sissy bitch. My client moaned, but she took that huge cock and huge load like a champion. My sissy training time with her is not over yet, but she is ready to live her life as a girl now under my continued tutelage.

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