Femboy Training: My Sissy’s Public Humiliation

 Femboy training

Lingerie obsession? Check. Public humiliation? Double check.

Welcome to my twisted world of femboy training!

Seeing you try to sneak peeks at my panties, you little pervert, gives me such a rush! It’s like a game, watching you beg for a taste of my feminine allure. Hey, if you wanna be my sissy toy, I gotta make sure you’re presentable, right?

So, I put on your precious panties, the ones with the cute little bows, and let me tell you, they look way better on me than they ever did on you! And those bras… dude, they were made for my ample cleavage, highlighting my assets, making me look even more stunning.

But the real fun begins when we step out in public. People watching us walk hand in hand, me in your lingerie, might think we’re a weird couple, but I know the truth. You’re my sissy slave, an accessory to make me look good. And damn, we turn heads!

I hand you that big pink dildo as we stroll—a true test of your submission. The looks on people’s faces as they see you struggling to shove that toy up your ass are priceless! And here’s the best part: I don’t even need to ask, you just comply. Humiliation? Yeah, you love every second of it.

As we pass a hunky guy, I strike up a convo, totally unbothered by the sex toy still protruding from your butt. “Hey there, handsome,” I say with a wink, while you blush and squirm. I love the power I have over you, and this little public display is just the beginning of your femboy training!

So, my sissy, let’s keep the fun going. Who knows what kinky adventures await us next?

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