Femboy Training Mistress

femboy training

Lots of people want to be feminized, but they have no idea where to even start. You’re probably feeling that way, aren’t you? I know it can be a tough place to be in. But that’s why femboy training with me is the perfect thing for you. I’ve been training prospective sissies and cross dressers for a really long time, and I can help you with every part of your journey. I’ll probably ask you to tell me about yourself a bit before we get started, though. I want to know how long you’ve had the urge to transform yourself.

Did it start when you were really young, or were you older when you first had the desire to feel and look feminine? I want to help you pick out what colors might look best on you, teach you to walk in heels (you’ll look like a runway model!), and so much more. Think about how hot it’ll be when you can squat in your stilettos and wrap your mouth around a cock, if that is what you’re in the mood for. Maybe you just want to dress up and prance around like a pretty girl. I’m up for anything!

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