Femboy training for young sissies are my fav

I give a young sissy all the Femboy training he needs to be a good fuck whore. That is why they come to me. “You have to learn the rules and do as I command” I laugh out loud. “Wear your uniform, I have picked it out for you”. It is a pair of panties and thigh high stockings. Plus, you have to wear high heels like a hooker bitch. After you are dressed, I say, “crawl on the floor like a bitch in heat”. “First start with licking my heels clean”.

Femboy training

“Then work your way up to my cunt” is all you hear as I pull on your leash. “I have a cum filled cunt mess for you to clean up” that is part of your training. Then I spread my legs, “time to eat bitch”. Right away you do as I ask and start licking my pussy hole like a hungry pet. “Scoop the cum out of my pussy with your tongue sissy whore” I moan out. Soon after my bbc bull fuck buddy walked back in the room.

“Don’t stop licking me,” I said sternly. “You only stop unless I say so” I demand of you as my bbc friend started rubbing his hard meat on your sissy ass. Every black cock bull loves breaking in a young sissy hole. “Show her what Sissy slave training consists of, baby” I say laughing. Therefore, he rips your panties off and slams his big black cock inside your sissy cunt. I just grab you head and continue fucking your mouth. Finally, when he starts pumping semen inside you, your clitty starts leaking all over. “Thank you, mistress, you always make me full” you say after i feed you my juices just like you got your pussy fed. 

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