Sissy panties are pink, red, lace, sheer, etcetera.

Sissy panties

          Sissy panties are pink, red, lace, sheer, etcetera. Get that sissy faggot ass up in the air and wave it around like you just don’t care. At the same time stroke your little sissy clit. Call out – “I’m a sissy little bitch! Fuck me!” Hence calling attention to those panties, encased inside is a tight little ass.

          It must be remembered that the wrapping i.e. panties are the first thing men see. Hence you need them to make a statement. Show that you’re a sissy bitch whore who knows how to attract attention with bright bold sissy colors made of sheer lace.

          Get that ass shaking else the sissy slave training will be more than just simple training. You will have a paddle taken to your faggot ass, not only for the whooping on that gay faggot ass of yours but the handle will be shoved so far up your fucking ass it will hit your prostate. Forcing an erection of that itty bitty thing of a clit. Giving you a prince albert. Pull that chain when you get out of line. Connect it a butt plug as we shove it in your faggot ass.

          Now, those panties are going to make the statement and you will abide by your training, you will begin by bowing to me and addressing me henceforth as Master Mistress. Following every dictate without question. It will be your choice the gentle or the hard. There’s no in between with me. Make your choice.

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