Femboy training


Femboy trainingHey there, this is Mistress K. My real name is Tamika, but you can call me that. I’m a naughty, kinky dominatrix, and I love to keep my sissy slaves in line. Remember, I’m always in control and there’s nothing you can do about it. Make sure you fulfill every kinky, nasty demand I make, because you are a slut and I’ll mold you into an obedient one. I love teaching my little pets as long as they aim to please. Never forget that Mistress K owns you. If you think you’re ready for a challenging and fun role, be my sissy slut. Show the world your status in a cute lace panty set and thigh-high tights. Just follow my rules, but beware, as I don’t play. Break them and be ready for consequences that range from mild to severe. If you’re a good little sissy slut, come play with Mistress K. Forced feminization

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