Forced Feminization Turning Into Sisters Sissy Slut

Forced feminizationForced feminization, let me tell you about turning my brother into a little sissy slutty whore. I grabbed one of laciest bras from my dresser drawer and pushed it onto his chest, fastening it tightly behind his back. Then comes the matching thong which makes him squirm uncomfortably but doesn’t stop me from doing what I want. Finally, I help myself to picking out an outfit for him – a short black dress that hugs every curve on his body perfectly well despite being designed for women’s bodies only; paired with high heels that make even grown men wince when they try walking in them let alone someone who hasn’t worn them before!

As soon as he is fully dressed up as per my detailed  instructions. Makeup, accessories, etc. I  pull out a bright red lipstick and smears it across his lips roughly before forcing him to sit down in front of the mirror. What a pretty little slut, my little sissy slut whore.  A little bit of a faggot look but whatever, that’s the look we like.

“Now look at yourself,” I said with a sneer as I hands him a compact mirror. “You’re starting to look like the slut you really are.”

Now come over here and suck on this dildo as I pulled it out. “Suck on that pathetic excuse for a cock like the worthless cocksucker you are,” she commands before pulling out her phone and snapping pictures of him in disbelief at what has become of their once-normal brother/sister relationship dynamic.

“Now come here,” Daisy demands with an evil glint in her eye as she leads him towards the door where two of their black friends are waiting outside – both grinning widely at the sight of their prey dressed up so perfectly for them! They enter the room and begin undressing each other while Daisy watches on approvingly; soon enough they have positioned themselves behind your helpless form…and proceed to take turns fucking your ass without any regard for your feelings or consent whatsoever.

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