Do You Belong in Sissy Panties?

sissy pantiesDo you belong in sissy panties? This is my test for sissies. If you have a clit stick, you belong in panties. I consider what is in your pants a clit if it is under 5 inches. Something small like that belongs in panties because in boxers it will get lost, maybe even hurt. When I meet a man with a clit, he is immediately in the sissy zone because I do not care how rich or handsome you are. I care about how big your cock is. And if you have a clit, no amount of money will make me fuck you. I have standards. That is why I work for a sissy phone sex site and not some general fuck call site. I do not have to fuck my callers. I get paid to put losers in panties, laugh at small cocks and deny men sex. I have the best job ever. Now sometimes, in my real life I meet a guy who does not realize he is a sissy. He thinks he is a good catch. Tom was a good catch on paper, but not in real life. Great job-check. Handsome-check. Endowed-fail. His dick was about three-inches. We were making out on my couch, and it all came to a screeching halt when his turtle made an appearance. I burst into laughter because he expected me to fuck that tiny thing. No, fucking way. Just no. I am a sexy mature woman. I am a black cock whore. I am educated and I have my own money. I do not need to swallow my pride for security or to be taken care of by some shrimp dick loser. I can take care of myself. I tossed Tom my panties and suggested he needed sissy training more than fucking. It took some convincing, but when he left later that night, he had burned his boxer briefs and left in pair of my panties. If I can make a rich lawyer toss in his boxer briefs for girlie panties, I can make you do it too.

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