Cum Here Pet

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Aww here comes my little pet. On his knees crawling to me. Wearing a pair of pink nylon panties and pink vinyl collar. I pet your head before attaching the leash. Do you want to go on a walk boy? I attach the leash, kiss your forehead, and lead you to the playroom. You hang your head because you know that you have been naughty. I saw you on your phone watching shemale porn and rubbing your little push pop. Goodness that was a sight. I even had to zoom in to make sure you really were jerking your clitty as it is so tiny.

I tie the leash to the table, and you climb up and take the position. On all fours, chest down and man pussy up. I pull your pink panties down to make sure your clitty cage is nice and tight and then rub your ass. I grab the paddle and put it to your face. You instinctively lick it like you are licking a cock. You really are a little whore I say as I examine the cage and see little drops of pre-cum leaking. I hold my hand back and deliver the first spank against your creamy white ass. A bright red form starts to appear. You gasp and your knees are unsteady. My pussy soaking as I pull back for number two. How many times do you think I should paddle you pet?

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