BBC sissy training

BBC sissy trainerWhen you’re a sissy trainer like I am, and your whole life revolves around these measly weak sissy’s that require the most help and preparation. They need me to gain the ability and confidence in being a proud sissy bitch. They come to me for their training and humiliation and let us not forget to mention torture! But today I am your BBC sissy trainer, hope you’re ready to be fucked wide. There’s nothing like a big fucking cock that is just pulsating in your hand, growing harder and bigger than any cock you’ve ever laid your eyes on. This is a real man cock, fit for a size queen like myself. You wouldn’t understand unless of course, I get you addicted to fat nigger cock while I am training and torturing you relentlessly. They are so big, they have matching balls that are slapping you in your face and against your ass while I laugh and laugh at what a sissy whore you look like, oh yes this is my pleasure. Nothing like being a devious Sissy trainer for BBC lovers!

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