Day Dreaming Of Your Sissyn Slave Training

While you are slaving away at work, all you can think about is the hard pounding I gave your sissy pussy. You wear a suit and tie all day but deep down inside you like when I dress you up in sissy panties and heels like a good sissy slut. You think about the sissy training and how you love licking my cunt clean. Last night I had a special outfit for you.

Sissy slave training

The moment you saw it your clitty twitch. You put it on and begged your mistress to make you, her bitch. You know you are mistress’s sissy slut property, and you live for me to use you. I love hearing you beg before every sissy slave training session we have. It gets my cunt hot wet and ready to use your tongue. I had you on your knees lapping at my cunt begging for me to fuck you and when i saw your sissy clitty leak i knew you were ready. Your body shook as you saw me put my big black strap-on on. I made you tell me who you belong to before I bent you over and rammed my cock in you. As i fucked you hard i spanked your ass hard, leaving my handprint on your round white ass. Finally, you begged for mistress to let you cum and when I gave you the permission to, your clitty sprayed your juices all over. When done you cleaned up your mess like a good sissy slut. 

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