Daddy Gets BBC sissy Girl Training

sissy girl TrainingHe is my whore…Let’s Face the Facts. Daddy desires my sissy girl training Just as much as my boyfriends do.  Daddy is my whore. Mommy has no use for him anymore. She has discovered that being fucked by her new black boyfriend eaves her raw open pussy no time for daddy and his stupid little cock. It makes me sad because she used to love teasing him about his dick and telling him about the men she fucked. Now she is in love and daddy is a slut ripe for me! I have found my calling making him my pretty bitch. We go shopping online and I find him the best outfits. Today we ordered a new Jeffree Star pallet and lip glosses so he could go to the next level. Daddy also has bought a wedding dress to celebrate his freedom to be the sissy sub slut he is supposed to be. And tonight daddy had his first BBC date! Let’s just call him Mandingo.l He loves little white bitched like me and sweet sissy men to fuck and use. Daddy will never be the same after he lays on his back and takes that big black cock up his pussy like a sissy whore!  I mean who doesn’t need a little forced sissy training to bring out true desires? forced sissy training

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