Watch As Another Man Fucks Your Wife

Mistress Phone SexSissy PantiesMy Husband has been working from home lately and as he sat at his desk in our room I told him I would be having a friend over for a play date and that he would need to strip down to his boxers and wait further instruction from me. He did what he was told and patiently waited for my friend to arrive. When he got there, I brought him into the bedroom and undressed him in front of my husband, making sure he saw the massive cock between his legs. I told my husband to watch as this man pleased me in all the ways that his tiny cock was incapable of. I started rubbing on that big cock as I kept constant eye contact with my husband. I then started blowing that big beast, taking it deep in my throat. My husband looked on and I could see his tiny cock start to get bigger. I told him to pull that tiny thing out and start rubbing it as he watched a real man pleasure his wife. I then laid back and brought that man’s head between my legs guiding him to my juicy wet pussy. He licked my wet cunt and fingered my pussy hole as I moaned and looked on at my husband. I told my husband to stop stroking now and watch. I got on all fours facing him and had that man put his cock in me from behind and start fucking me. My husband watched as that dick went in and out of my pussy and my tits bounced up and down. His little dick was now leaking but I was not going to let him touch it just yet. After squirting all over that big dick I had him sit on the edge of the bed and I sat on top of him with my back to his chest. I had him grab my breasts and squeeze my nipples as I bounced up and down on that massive cock. I knew he was going to shoot his load soon so I finally told my husband that he could start stroking that baby cock again. As that big cock unloaded inside me my husband’s little thing started leaking everywhere. I laughed at him as it ran down his hands. After my friend left, I had my husband come and lick all of that yummy cum from my pussy. When he was done, I put that cock cage back on him and sent him to bed.

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