Can You Be Slutty Enough For A Real Man?

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So you want to be a sissy slut, eager to be that secret lover that’s got breasts and a tight little faggot pussy. However, it takes more than the idea to be a good slutty lover for a real man. You have to be willing to do it all. If he wants a good girl there are plenty of those in the sea, but not enough true faggot whores. He probably already has a girl that will spread her legs and just lay there. So you must have a spark an unquenchable need for cock 24/7, the need to be tasting it. To be feeling it. So much of a slut that you worship any cock large enough for your admiration. You must be skilled in the fine art of cocksucking, gang-bangs, and of course a strong stretchable faggot pussy to accommodate men of all sizes. This can all be very intimidating to learn and master but with the best sissy trainer at your side, I promise you can get there. You can become that bad bitch little slut that’s inside of you. Just requires you to really, really want it. So do you?

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