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Looking to be turned out by a slut diva and a group of top notch bitches? You came to the right place. Me and the girls are planning on stopping by the sex store and would love to bring you along. I am sure you are going to be so ashamed to reveal that little secret LOL the one that lies between your legs! Poor thing! Well sucker I am in charge and your secret is out.

The girls just can’t believe it’s possible for a grown man to have a shrimp dick… they want to see it for themselves. They said if it’s true they would love to buy you sexy lingerie and give you a total makeover!

Let’s go sissy, it’s time to go shopping! We are going to get all sizes and textures of fun sex toys and you are going to show us how you compensate for your lack of… that is lack of dick LOL. well babe lets get naughty!

Ready for a hot orgy with a bunch of sexy undeniably hot women that you would have never gotten your hands on if it weren’t for dildos.. Well you wont be using your clity that’s for sure. The closest you will be getting is a long 12 inch dildo to work out those arms to our pussies.

We are size queens babe. But don’t you worry your little man pussy will be swallowing cocks too!


    • Sissy LuckySissy on January 28, 2023 at 4:05 am
    • Reply

    Brielle is the best sissy friend ever, never lets you forget about your tiny sissy weeny hehehe giggle giggle laugh

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