Best sissy trainer will have your sissy pony ass fucked in front of friends

You can tell when a sissy has been trained by the Best sissy trainer. When my sissy bitch walks in you can tell that I am her mistress. She will have a ponytail poking out from her sissy cunt. “Wiggle that tail for my friends, my good sissy pony” I say as I giggle at you.  You know your place. Therefore, you start wiggle your ass making your ponytail swing. Then I take my paddle and I spank your ass, “thank you mistress”.

Best sissy trainer

Every time you thank me for spanking you, my friends clap. That is exactly how a sissy princess hoe responds. After your ass is red and swollen, I decide to put on a show for my friends. After stripping down I lay my bare cunty on your ass and I ride you around like a pony whore showing off your Sissy slave training skills.

As we go around the room, I make you use your hoe mouth to tend to sexy feet. When we get to the last pair of pretty feet, I pop your ponytail from your sissy pussy. Then I slide my strap cock and pound you like a bitch in heat needs to be bred. “Mistress, thank you for blessing me” you moan out as your clitty starts to leak. Everyone enjoyed the show and even wanted to join in on your training.

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