Sissy Hypno Training Will Make You My Little Bitch

I’m the best at sissy hypno training. I’m going to tease to with tantalizing, star gazing, and pretty pink frilly dresses with lacey panties. I know you want to be treated like a whore like that, you want it so bad. You are mesmerized by my shiny black dominatrix out fit and pantyhose, my whole out fit and the words that come out of my mouth hypnotize you and force you to abide by me while you’re under my spell.

sissy hypno training

Beg The Best Sissy Trainer For Sissy Hypno Training

If I tell you to sit on your knees like a dog, you do it like the filthy whore you are, understand? I’m the best sissy trainer and I deserve complete obedience, my pathetic little whore. Thats a good obedient whore. Now be a good boy and get the sexiest pair of panties you can find. I put those lacey panties on you, along with a sexy bra and 6-inch heels.

Now strut around in some heels like a filthy whore you slut. I made you wear those frilly pink dresses that you were so mesmerized by and had you prance around wearing all of this little outfits. I invited my friends over and under my hypnosis I made you deepthroat all of their cocks and swallow their big thick creamy loads while tasting cum too.

You are a nasty whore who I get to use whenever I like. And you thank me for abusing you.  I bend you over and a big, huge 12-inch cock is put deep into your ass. This forced sissy training session seems to be going well so far, I have them fuck all of you and leave your ass gaping open. Cum is just dripping out of it and I take you out of hypno spell, leaving you feeling used, degraded, and humiliated. I love playing with my pathetic sissy boy and his sissy panties!

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