Forced feminization for butt sluts who haunt gloryholes.

Forced feminization

Forced feminization for dirty butt whores who haunt glory holes. I love taking my whores places where they belong. A nice dressed-up daddy type who has sick perversions is often my target for the nastiest glory holes in the city. I’m thinking of them men who think I’m just a high-school slut and that they can give me some DD/LG action. But what they do not know is once this experienced young size queen gets ahold of that mini peenie all shit will break loose. 

Schoolgirl sissy trainer haunts the glory holes looking for her next victim. 

Just like your shit will break loose with my strap-on dick! That’s right I learned from my Dominatrix mommy how to handle the ass of any sissy bitch. Taboo phone chat with you dirty tiny dicked bastards gets my blood pumping. And my hips twerking. My favorite place to find older bisexual men is at the West Side laundry. Notable for its not-so-discreet name. Everyone knows the only thing getting washed is a Twinks wallet and some strange cock. I know with my backpack full of different panties, lingerie, and my big boy strap I can reel in a dirty small dicked pervert.  Their eyes tell all when they look at me.

First embarrassment washes over, then the lust of an older man who needs young pussy. I will let them invite me over to somewhere quiet and private. But as soon as they get undressed I will be on them so hardcore. Laughing, being mean, and pulling out some pretty outfits. Although it is much better if I can get them to my own house. I have so much more fun stuff for my shrimp dick daddy perverts who need a lesson! Can I give you a lesson in micro-dick feminization with a side of glory hole cum? 

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