Best Sissy Trainer Sessions

best sissy trainer

I do not take the fact that I’m the best sissy trainer around lightly at all. I know that all of you sissy sluts out there are counting on me to turn you into the perfect little feminized whore and I will never let you down. I know what men want and I know what men do not want, so you should leave it up to me when you’re getting dressed and ready to try to get yourself a man. And before you even get dressed, you gotta make sure you look good naked, so all that unsightly body hair needs to go!

Also, you know you are going to have to get good at taking a big, fat cock in your sissy cunt, right? It will be bigger than that puny vibrator you’ve been using, so you’ll have to bend over and let me fuck you with my strap-on for a while before you graduate to a real cock. But don’t worry, I can get you ready in no time and you’ll be the most popular sissy whore in town. Just get on the phone and give me a call so we can get started with your sissy transformation!


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