Best sissy trainer on the net trains our newest SissyHutSlut

Best sissy trainerSissy started exploring his mangina in the shower. He would dig his pudgy little finger into his shithole and thrust in and out. He told me his little winky would get so hard instantly. Eventually, his little fingers weren’t doing the trick anymore. So, he confessed to his closest friend Charles, his liking for butt play. Of course, his friend tattled! That’s how everyone in the neighborhood found out that little Miss Stephanie had Sissy panties hiding underneath his basketball shorts at the court.

He wound up getting pantsed! Fagboys, hot pink lace panties, and his pathetic little nub were fully exposed to everyone. That firm bubbly ass of his was quite the sight to see… It was so nice that Fag Boy wound up turning several of the men out, at the court with his perfectly round ass.. He was served Big fat cocks underneath the bleachers. His pretty little pussy was filled with multiple loads.

It felt so good to Stephanie to be treated like a filthy whore and have his asshole stretched. So good, that he has become addicted to having his prostate milked. Now he comes to me for Online sissy training so I can teach him some more tricks that he can do with his  man-pussy; while he is riding a hard cock. Stephanie didn’t know how to flex the walls of his cunt… I had to have him gag on a dildo until he learned to flex them on his own. Now, Stephanie is putting cocks in a chokehold. He has men squandering at his feet. His sister has always been quite the fashionista…

Stephanie did start her journey, dressing as a tranny using whatever he could pull from his sister’s closet. In other words, the filthy whore has plenty of sex appeal. This was Stephanie’s first time surfing the web for a trainer… Lucky for him, he managed to come across the Best sissy trainer on the internet! Fag Boy is going to be the HBIC in the sissy world, real soon. 

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