Sissy panties are so hot!

sissy panties

I can alway spot a sissy bitch from a mile away. I can tell when a man should be in pretty sissy panties and a cute, little bra instead of a suit and tie. I guess it’s something about the way they carry themselves or maybe it’s just all of my experience in training such cock loving fags. Last night when my best friend brought her new boyfriend over, I could tell right away that he was a secret panty slut. He thought I was joking around when I mentioned how cute he would look in a little dress and some tall, sexy heels. My best friend knew what was about to happen but didn’t say a word. I sent out one text and in a few minutes, my living room was full of men with giant, throbbing bbcs, all waiting for a turn with the new guy. He looked so cute and helpless when they cornered him and pulled their fat dicks out. I let them hold him down and smack him in the face with those big, hard cocks. They were rubbing the heads all over his lips and talking about how they were going to rip his clothes off and fuck him like a little slut. I knew he was scared so I told him that I would have them take it easy on him if he would dress up for me. I think he knew deep down that I was lying but he was willing to try anything to avoid being force fucked by those massive cum cannons. I took him to my bedroom and put him in a sexy, lacey bra and thong set with fishnet thigh highs and tall slut heels. You should have seen how pitiful he looked when I called the guys into my room and watched while he had huge cocks rammed and stuffed into his virgin he-cunnie! He screamed like a bitch the first time a big mushroom head the size of an apple plowed into his cum hole. He couldn’t scream much because another one was being rammed down his throat at the same time! My bestie lost a boyfriend but I gained another little cum dump, sissy slut to play with!

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