Best Sissy Trainer: Let’s have a competition fellas!

Best Sissy TrainerBest Sissy Trainer is a title that I’ve always wanted to earn. I love the idea of sweet little sissy bitches bowing to me, while I tell them all the super-naughty fucked up things I want to do to them! The idea of having an older guy, turned slut whimpering at my feet as I giggle preparing my strap-on to take over their world. Really really does something to me. I want nothing more than to have a whole horde of Sissy-sluts that I can bend and twist to my will, making them suck all the cocks and do all the naughty stuff I want them to!

Would you be a super good little sissy slut and suck a big fat cock for me? Or maybe even let me partake in a little forced feminization with you? I have all kinds of pretty frilly sissy dresses and heels, even wigs that I’d absolutely love to put you into!

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